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Your off-road vehicle recovery specialists.

We are Towing 24 Hour Chicago. We are not just your typical metro towing company. We go where tow trucks don’t dare go! Taking 4 x 4 vehicles off-roading is a popular activity with many people. With this increase it taking all-terrain vehicles into areas that are covered in mud, sand, or snow, there is a possibility that the vehicle is stuck. When this happens and there is no one around to help, contact our staff 24 hours a day. We will come to your location and help you get mobile again.

Don’t stay stuck in the mud.

Everyone knows how much fun driving off-road in 4X4 vehicles can be - but we also realize exactly how desperately stuck those vehicles can get as well. Whether you’re rock crawling, two tracking, or mudding, your vehicle can get incredibly stuck - but there’s no need to fred; Chicago Towing can safe your vehicle from staying as stuck as it is. Simply drop us a call, and we’ll drive out to assist with 4X4 off-road recovery service, for wherever you’re located. We have the advanced tow trucks equipped with the correct tools to get your vehicle out of any precarious situation. We can come directly to your location and pull your vehicle out of its rut in no time at all. Don’t leave your 4x4 stuck inside the mud and dirt - get it back on the road by contacting Chicago Towing today

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