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Professional Towing Service - for Professional Businesses

At Chicago Towing, we provide the best commercial towing service in the entire city. Our staff has the highest level of professionalism, experience, and training in the Chicago area. We understand what it takes to handle special towing projects - from normal passenger vehicles, to complicated commercial vehicles. Our entire staff is on call 24/7 to deliver you any assistance that you may need.

Affordable Prices, Quality Towing

Our competitive low prices, and constant availability make our service a great benefit. We’re aware of how quickly vehicles can break down at any hour - this is why we make ourselves at your service 24 hours a day - from the wee hours of the morning, around the clock. We are dedicated to arrive at your vehicle’s location as quickly as possible, within 20 minutes. You won’t find any rates lower than ours in the entire industry.

We offer commercial towing services for any business you can imagine, including:

  • Schools
  • Bars and Restaurants
  • Police Departments
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Garages and Car Dealers
  • Management and Property Companies
  • Repossession and Vehicle Recovery Companies
  • Department Stores
  • Commercial Property Owners
  • Vehicle Finance Companies

In addition to traditional commercial towing service, we provide assistance with law enforcement agencies whenever vehicles are involved in an accident or a crime. Companies like car dealers, car finance companies and vehicle title loan companies seeking to repossess vehicles also utilize our services.

Since we opened our doors, we’ve made a number of close relationships with clients that know they can rely on us. If you’re seeking that sort of dedicated reliability, don’t hesitate in calling us. We will be there for you, whenever and wherever you need us. For information about special rates on our commercial towing services call us today.

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